(IAAC) Support a mission to Pluto! (Off Topic)

Anyone somewhat interested in Pluto should check out:
The site was originally created to revive the canceled Pluto-Kuiper express, 
and now that NASA has thrown the mission out to the industry, the site 
supports the selection of a proposal (for their is no guarantee NASA will 
select one), and supports the selection of one with good science objectives 
and a quick launch utilizing the 2004 Jupiter gravity-assist.
All information is available at:
Everyone should also sign the petition, signing the petition states you agree 
NASA should send a mission to Pluto, and believe the original reconnaissance 
of our solar system should be completed.
Please check out PlutoMission.Com, and tell your friends about it! Every 
signature counts, so feel free to have everyone in your household sign the 
petition, and feel free to pass this post around.
Ted A. Nichols II
Campaign Manager
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