Re: (IAAC) Obj: Unkn own - Inst: aperture=3.5 700mm Focal Length, tr


While you are out looking for this object, you may like to look for Pluto.
Pluto is a magnitude 13.8 object 4.7 degrees from Sabik (mag v 2.43) heading towards Zata (mag v 2.58) in Ophiuchus.
As you are observing with a scope of 3.5" aperture your limiting, magnitude stars are 11.5. So, forget any Index Catalogue objects being in the range of this telescope at least in this area. M9 is 3.5 degrees form Sabik and is at 7.8 (v).
Could this be the object you observed?

Whatever, good luck tonight in identifying what you observed.
At least for me, I have a lot of fun trying to help people identifying objects.



Mark Wilson wrote:

 Hi Toney I am currently out looking for M3 Until the Object I seen gets up in the sky higher.  It is about 25 degrees above the eastern horizon right now. I will double check the location of it then see what I can dig up on it.  This has me curious now as to what it is.  Whatever it is, I can see it well with my 10x finderscope. Mark
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