Re: (IAAC) Changing the long name for IAAC?

Dear, oh, dear.


Well, in the immortal words of the great poet Homer... "Doh!!"

Darn it, Dave, Celso et al, I wish I had asked you all sooner.
That *is* a better name... But it *seems* to be too late, as I
called in the domain registration before work this morning. :(

Still, maybe that can be the name for our observing-log list?
Say 'deepskylog@visualdeepsky.org' for the logs, and a simple
'chat@visualdeepsky.org' for all other topics... Thoughts?

Or even better, if we did some kind of voluntary collection,
we might gather sufficient funds ($75) to allow registration
of BOTH of these domain names and alias them to one another?

That way, 'visualdeepsky.org' and 'deepskylog.org' would both
bring the interested surfer to our IAAC Web site. I won't go
to our readership and ASK for such largesse... But if one or
more of my fellow readers were interested enough to help, I
can say I'd happily do the legwork to register both domains.

In any case, a hearty "thank you" to all who have responded
on this topic. We count on your continued interest and input.

(And my apologies if I was a bit too overeager in registering
'visualdeepsky.org', based on what was obviously just the tip
of the iceberg in terms of feedback! TOO much enthusiasm...)

Clear skies,
Lew Gramer

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