(IAAC) Fwd: The Menard 400

I was scanning some old emails in my inbox this morning, and noted this
(long-ago) post by our own Dave Mitsky to the 'deep_sky_observing' list.

Has anyone checked their personal logs, to determine whether they have
"completed" the Menard 400? I like Vic's idea very much, as it seems to
avoid the relative lack of diversity in other observing-target lists.

Also, does anyone know of a Web site that catalogs the "Menard 400"?
I'd love to put up a Web page detailing observations in our IAAC log
archive from this list, similar to the current "NGCs" listing:


Clear skies!
Lew Gramer

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Subject: [deep_sky_observing] The Menard 400, a New Best of the Deep-Sky List
From: Dave Mitsky <djm28@psu.edu>
Date: 11 Apr 2001 11:50:10 -0000

I received the Summer 2001 edition (issue 30) of "Amateur Astronomy" 
two days ago and have had the chance to read a good deal of it.  
Deep-sky expert Vic Menard submitted his list of the 400 best
deep-sky objects, which he chose to simply call The List.  Publisher 
Tom Clark decided to title the article (and the list) The Menard 400.

While I haven't gone through the entire list it seems like an 
excellent sampling of both faint fuzzies and stellar notables.  
Included are objects from the Messier, NGC, IC, Abell, and other 
catalogs as well as binary and carbon stars.  There are 179 galaxies, 
59 planetary nebulae, 37 open clusters, 29 globular clusters, 21 
bright nebulae, 4 supernova remnants, 2 lensed quasars, and 75 stars.

Dave Mitsky

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