Re: Laptops in the field (was Re: (IAAC) Re: Uranometria)

Make it four.  I'm squarely in the low-tech camp.  The only power I need
(other than small batteries for the clock drive, finder reticle, etc.) is to
run my dew heater.  However, though I've never used a computer in the field,
I can certainly imagine the numerous advantages and flexibility to having
ready access to all that data (plus filtering and sorting power) - the
"adlibbing" it makes possible.  Like Alan, I go into the field with prepared
targets and star charts.  I use the Sky Atlas 2000 2nd edition and The Night
Sky Observers Guide (sometimes for help in confirming an object and
sometimes for the charts) in the field plus a few printed computer charts
and a couple of other references.  I'd sure be nice to have the new
Uranometria available when my other references didn't quite cut it.

Clear skies (and detailed charts!),

>Actually, make that 3!  I have a laptop (IBM ThinkPad), which I carry back
>and forth to work (Intel), but it belongs to Intel.  They don't mind my
>using it for personal use as long as it doesn't noticeably impair its
>function and usability for Intel's stuff.  I try not to clutter it up with
>too much personal stuff, which is sometimes difficult :-)
>One of these days, I'll belly up to the counter and purchase one, but with
>the economy still a bit shakey, I'll hang onto the money for a while.

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