Re: (IAAC) RE: Art/Not art (was: NGC 7000 etc.)


Please don't take this as a flame "cause" it isn't attend to be one.  

When I read your original post the first thing that came to my mind was
that you have a pretty narrow view of art as well as a certain amount of
insecurity when it comes to your own ability to create.

 Hey, guess what?  Join the crowd, because most of the people who walk
the face of the Earth (had to mention Earth to stay on topic LOL) feel
the same way when it comes to art and making it. The good news is that
it is easy to change your views. To start, listen to those around you
who liked the sketches that you did and have confidence that you can do
better with a little time and work. 

Art is all around you, and it isn't all in pretty paintings.

Stars in your eyes,
Barry Martasian


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