Re: (IAAC) international Deep Sky Magazine

[Forwarded without the author's permission. -Lew Gramer]

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Although there has been a loss since Deep Sky folded the Webb Society 
magazine DSO has been around since that time with obviously very little 
take up despite having some very good articles. It is not clear that there 
is a useful space for two deep sky based magazines and obviously if 
Interstellarum goes into an English format it would probably finish off the 
Webb Society after 30 odd years of existence, which is currently somewhat 
short of members. I am of course somewhat biased in my view being editor of 
that magazine and would prefer to see resources pooled to have one good 
magazine.  One recurring problem is that with fewer people writing, and 
most of those being paid by Astronomy or Sky and Telescope would 
Interstellarum be able to pay for contributions or would it rely on goodwill ?

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