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Well, the Webb Society has been publishing an international deep-sky
magazine since the 1960s.  It's now called "The Deep-Sky Observer".  Here's
a summary of the contents of the latest issue:

Letters to the Editor
Observing at the Parador de las Canadas, Tenerife, by Martin Lewis
Southern Sky Report, by Jenni Kay
Who was that Masked Double Star?, by Richard Hearnshaw
Two Astronomical Mysteries in the Southern Skies, by Malcolm Thomson
Galaxy Rambling - Canes Venatici et environs, by Jan Sandstrom
The NGC 383 Galaxy Group, by Ronald Morales
The Planetary Nebulae of Cygnus: A Brief Survey with a Small Telescope, by
Lee Macdonald
Book Review: Unfolding our Universe, by Iain Nicholson

For information about the Society, please see our website at

Best wishes -- John Isles
North American Secretary, The Webb Society

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> Dear fellow deep sky observers,
> it has now been eight years since Dave Eicher's Deep Sky
> Magazine, the source of inspiration for so many of us, ceased
> publication.
> This loss can be still felt today, even after such a long time.
> None of the successive projects had a similar success. The lack
> of an international magazine for deep-sky observers is evident
> all over the world.

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