(IAAC) Re: question

>> To illustrate what I mean, I have to direct readers to the following "deep"
>> astrophotograph of NGC 1499, for comparison with Sue's sketch:
>>     http://voltair.csun.edu/california.html
> Lew,
> I've been trying that link ever since you posted it, and still can't get
> through.  Any clue why?
> Clear skies,  Sue

My apologies to Sue and everyone on IAAC... This is one of the dangers of
using the internet from two different systems (PC & Unix) - sometimes you
have to retype things, rather than just cutting and pasting!

The *ACTUAL* URL for the comparison photo of the California Nebula is at:


(Note that extra 'e' - which causes "Voltaire" to be spelled properly!)

Clear skies,

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