Re: (IAAC) Obj: M33 + Help me with M81!

>If THAT GOOD A SKY is only Bortle TWO, then what the &*$%"/*( is Bortle 1???

Goodness, Pierre, be careful - there are young readers on our list! :)

It certainly approached Bortle 1 on some occasions. But there was that
light dome (albeit limited) from the gigantic city of Beijing. And
also, a sad story to tell, there was a great deal of air pollution,
even up in the undeveloped mountains of NE China... One thing I was
astounded to note every morning, as I trundled back to the dormitory
after a night of meteor observing, was bright, lovely Venus peaking up
over the low mountains to the East - a bright BLOOD RED/ORANGE Venus,
that is, from all the particulates in the intervening air...

In any case, I would say Long Key is often Bortle 1. (Or in recent
years, perhaps more often a "1.5", thanks to the waves of tourists,
phalanxes of new resort development, and some rather unfortunately
prominent advertisements in European guidebooks...)

And also the mountains of rural SE New Mexico, at 7000', were (on the
one night we were completely free of gypsum dust from the White Sands
Desert) very decidedly Bortle 1.

As for Mauna Kea at 9000', well... Is there a Bortle 0? :)

Clear skies all!

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