(IAAC) Shuttle Launch Observed from near Harrisburg, PA

Hello All,
I observed the shuttle launch from near my home atop a nearby hill this evening. It had a clear view of the Southern and Eastern horizons.. Location near Yocumtown, PA at 40.1580N, 76.8040W. I started to see the shuttle about 7 1/2 minutes after launch up until MECO.

Quite Bright, and it didn't get higher than about tad short of 8 degrees above the horizon. Definitely an orange type glow that paved its way through the skies.

The neat thing was from my location I could see the 4 towers of three mile island, and the space shuttle etched its way through the sky right above the quad nuclear power plants cooling towers.

It was pretty neat to see the shuttle disappear after MECO as well.

I also observed 2 Iridium Flares after the launch.
05 Dec 17:24:41 -2 16 278 (W ) 63.5 km (E) -6 Iridium 33
05 Dec 17:33:44 -0 13 280 (W ) 119.7 km (W) -6 Iridium 57

The space station will soon pass over my skies to top things off this evening.

Best Regards,
Ted A. Nichols II