(IAAC) The Deep Sky #5 and a request


The National Deep Sky Observer's Society's magazine "The Deep Sky" issue #5 
is out. It has part 1 of an article on objects in Cygnus (to which amastro 
members contributed), Kent Wallace's article on Jonckheere Planetaries, Joe 
DalSanto's Double Stars in Cygnus and more. If you want a sample issue, 
please contact me directly - not the list!

Now for the request... The next issue will focus on Dr. Arp and his peculiar 
galaxies / discordant redshift objects. His interview will tie in a unified 
theme. I am not finished with the interview, so if you have a question you 
would like Dr. Arp to answer, e-mail me. I will ask him and include it with 
the article. 

If YOU have a favorite peculiar galaxy or would like to write something about 
tackling the Arp Atlas either observing or imaging, contact me. Ditto for 
objects with discordant redshifts! 

Alan Goldstein
Coordinator, National Deep Sky Observers Society
Editor, "The Deep Sky"
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