(IAAC) M103: The Christmas Wonder

M103 was among the first objects I was able to find by hook-or-crook
star-hopping.  You didn't need to be a genius to know when you'd found
it.  It was distinct, relatively easy to find, and in my 4 inch cas, the
reward for as much as 45 minutes of just plain hunting.

It's riding high again in the sky, and it's a jewell.  If you haven't
seen it yet, look for it.  You'll be happy you did.  Being shaped like a
Christmas Tree with trim and lights, its appropriate for the season.

I have just completed processing an image that is available at


Just click the M1 thumbnail in the upper right of the page.  You will be
shown a table containing images arranged in a secret manner (even I am
not quite sure how it was done, and I authored the page).


Happy Holidays

Steve Robinson

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