Re: (IAAC) Obj: Kappa Ori - Inst: 10" F4.8 equatorial GP/DX

thanks for that information Barry,

I gained the stats from http:// www.seds.org unfortunatly my nortons star atlas only goes down to Mag 6 with some execptions this makes identifying faint stars next to impossible. But i am glad for the data as i will incorporate it for my next view. Also i will make some internet enquires to find an accurate web page that list stars down to mag 15.

Thanks again 

> Hello Barry
> Thank you for sharing your observation with this group of astronomers.
> You stated:   
> >Of the 3 Stars to the east one seems to have a very faint star which
> could be a companion star.>
> According to my references ( Burnham's Celestial Handbook and the
> Cambridge Star Atlas) Kappa Ori is not listed as a double. The faint
> star you speak of must be one of those "Astronomical Tricks" that is
> played on us at times making us think we are seeing something we really
> aren't seeing:-)  Regardless if it is a double or not, I am sure it made
> your observation of Kappa Ori more enjoyable.   
> > Kappa Ori is approx 722LY away>
> Quoting from Burnham's, "This is another bright member of the Orion
> Aggregation, though the estimated distance of  2100 light years places
> it somewhat beyond many of the other members."  If you stop to think
> about it, this makes the "very faint star" you speak of more special
> because its distance must be much more further than Kappa Ori.
> I hope you find these comments helpful.
> Thanks again for your report and Stars in your eyes,
> Barry Martasian
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