Re: (IAAC) Obj: Alpha Ori - Inst: 10" F4.8 Equatorial Mount GP/DX

Er, actually Barry (1) has it correct here, a star with a line through it horizontaly is indeed a double, and Alpha Orionis is a double, Last observation 1983, PA 278, Sep 0.5" Mag A 0.5, Mag B 14.5 (WDS). So with such a faint companion and at such a tiny seperation you would have some difficulty in actually getting it !!
Kim Gowney
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Hi Barry

This is the other Barry again.  I am pretty new at this stuff also so I
could be wrong. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.  It seems
as though you are trying to split stars that are not list as double and
may be confusing other stars that you are splitting.

1. Alpha Ori, aka Betelgeuse is not a double.

2. Gamma Ori, is Bellatrix is not a double but if you are identifing the
stars by the Greek Alphabet it would be easy to confuse the Gamma symbol
with the upside down Y looking thing that is Lambda which is a double.

If I am mistaken please feel free to correct me.

Stars in your eyes,
Barry Martasian


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