Re: (IAAC) Obj: S518 - Inst: 6" TEC Mak, f12, GP mount

Hi, Bill, and thanks for the fine multiple-star observing logs! Do you use
a micrometer of some kind, for those highly precise separations and PAs? Or
are you quoting catalog data, or just "kentucky winding" it? :)

Come to think of it, there is no field set aside in the standard "Log Entry
Form" on our Website for entering instrument information of this type, huh?
(Micrometer type and spec, or spectroscopic instrument type and spec, etc.)

Obviously, we're still working on IAAC as far as doubles and variables go! :)

BTW, one quick request: Your use of 'S' as a catalog designator will be well
understood, I suspect, by other double-star observers. But to those familiar
with other types of deep-sky objects, the ID you report may be confused for
that of some other object, say a member of one of Sharpless's bright nebula
catalogs. I would suggest identifying these objects with an ID that is more
unambiguous, like 'Struve 518' or 'STF 518'. Same might go for 'h' and 'b',
both of which could easily be confused for other non-ms catalogs entirely.

By the same token, if there are secondary identifiers by which an object is
known, in addition to the primary, you may wish to add these in parentheses
along with your Object ID. For example, the fine double Gamma Arietis could
be logged as "Struve 180 (ADS 1507, Gamma Ari)".. Now of course, any trouble
you put yourself through to add such additional identifiers is APPRECIATED
(both by your fellow IAAC users and by me), but is not at all NECESSARY!

(As a case in point, my search through the limited data available to me
seems to show that Struve 518 is a star in Eridanus, rather than CMa! Am I
simply confused by what 'S518' means, maybe? More input is welcome here...)

In any case, clear skies, Bill, and keep these intriguing logs coming! :)
Lew Gramer

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