Re: (IAAC) Obj: Alpha Ori - Inst: 10" F4.8 Equatorial Mount GP/DX

Holly Cow Barry LOL

I think I screwed up.  Seems that you are more correct than I thought
you were.  

I used Burnham's, "List for Double and Multiple Stars" as one source and
my new copy of the Cambridge Star Atlas. I don't believe Burnham's
listed this star as a double but may have discussed it in more depth in
the text. (my goof if this is the case) The one problem with Burnham's
is its age.  Even though it is considered a classic by some, over thirty
years have past out dating the material.  ( I have to be more careful)
I don't understand why the Cambridge Star Atlas does not list this star
as a double.  If anybody can straighten me out please do.

What is shown for Y Ori (gamma) ?  

I apologize for my mistake Barry, thank goodness we have some more
experienced people here to correct 
 my mistakes.

Stars in your eyes,
Barry Martasian

PS. Back to the books for me.


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