Re: (IAAC) Obj: Kappa Ori - Inst: 10" F4.8 equatorial GP/DX

I got the distances out of Skymap pro, but i often use the Seds web site for other star data as well as other things. It is an excellent resource for me as a beginner. If i am trying to search for something in the sky but don't know how it looks then i have generally found seds to be able to provide me with a picture. :-) 


> Barry wrote:
> > Here is the data chart that i used for orion
> >
> > <a href="/bti/redirect.html?http://www.seds.org/Maps/Const/Data/orion_tab.html" target="newLink">http://www.seds.org/Maps/Const/Data/orion_tab.html</a>
> >
> > Hope this helps hartmut..
> well, hope it also helps everybody to see where these data are really
> from: The 4th edition of the Bright Star Catalog, by D. Hoffleit,
> 1982 Yale University (on ADC since 1991). Btw, no distances, only names,
> position, spec, mag, B-V ...
> Best wishes, Hartmut
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