Re: (IAAC) Obj: S518 - Inst: 6" TEC Mak, f12, GP

Hi Lew,

My deepest apologies for not being more specific in my reports..I
promise this will not happen again.

I was using the data(for sep & pa) from The Night Sky Observer's Guide.
I do have a micrometer ocular but the mounts I'm currently using don't
have drives so making accurate measurements is a bit tough.

Re the star designations, here are some break downs:

S is for James South's catalogue
B 9(or BUP) is for SW Burnham
h is for John Herschel

Re other designations for the doubles I observed:
S518: SAO 151462
B324: Henry Draper 49891(actually, the double I saw was S537=SAO172386)
S541: SAO 172606
h3934: SAO 173152
h3945: SAO 173349

Hope that helps.

Best regards,
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