Re: (IAAC) What!!!! OT

That is wierd! Is this some new kind of apo refractor, with lens made of 
amber? Or maybe just taken from Mary's place in summer.

On Friday, January 4, 2002, at 02:56 PM, Kim Gowney wrote:

> This is slightly off topic, but does anyone have any Idea about the 
> enormous space bug that you can see for yourself on the online dss at 
> RA 18 52 00 DEC +33 42 00
> I had to download a 40' x 40' gif image to see the whole thing! It has 
> to be the weirdest artifact of all time!!
> http://archive.eso.org/dss/dss
> It was pointed out by Mark Baines in the Skymap group.
> Apologies for the somewhat off-topic nature of the post.
> Kim Gowney.