Re: (IAAC) What!!!! OT

Well I think I know what it truly is.
Many years' back I obtained a complete set of Palomar Survey images on microfiche.
In the long wait, I had time to read a lot on information on the presses of these microfiches.
The person doing the work said that some of the original plates were not kept as clean as one would have liked.
Therefore, some of the original plates had burns on them and even a lot of dust and were not cleaned before making back up copies. Therefore, what you have downloaded was a spot where one of these is located.

If I still had a microfiche viewer, I could search for more of these oddities for your enjoyment.

However, this is a very nice looking alien for a future Star Track move to run across, don't you think <G>

Clear Skies,

Toney Burkhart
San Francisco CA.

Kim Gowney wrote:

This is slightly off topic, but does anyone have any Idea about the enormous space bug
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