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   Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 00:32:49 -0000
   From: cliff haas <ctstarwchr@aol.com>
Subject: Committee Seeking Volunteer Recruits


Do any members of this discussion group have the following
professional working experience?  Qualifying idioms and 
design related qualifications are:

* Optical Engineer (fiber optics)
* Electrical Engineer (commercial and residential circuits)
* Edison Engineer (switching and commercial circuits)
* Illumination Engineer (municipal and commercial experience)
* NCQLP LC Certified Lighting Designer
* Museum Director
* Museum Exhibit Designer
* AIA Registered Architect
* NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer
* Meteorologist

A new Working Group has been formed by the International
Dark-Sky Association that will focus on developing high
impact portable traveling exhibits and interactive public
demonstrations for use in museums, public gatherings, and
educational institutions for all age levels.  

This Working Group will be the collaborative effort of 
a small elite group of highly specialized and talented 
volunteers who wish to apply their professional experience
to help teach people about science and raise public awareness.

If you have a minimum of 5 years professional working 
experience in any of the above mentioned idioms and wish
to participate as a volunteer in the design and development
of portable traveling exhibits that teach the public about 
the many various aspects of how Light Pollution affects 
society, please forward a copy of your resume listing your
professional working experience, accomplishments (provide 
specific examples and references), and your software 
experience for consideration to:


Software Experience with licensed application seats are
desired but not required:

3D Solid Modeling with AutoCAD Release 2002
Autodesk Architectural Desktop V. 3.0
Autodesk Land Development Desktop V. 3
Photorealistic Ray Tracing & Rendering
JASC PaintShop Pro v. 7.0
Adobe Photoshop v. 6.0
Lighting Analysts AGI-32

Your location is moot because all designs and concepts 
will be developed in a dedicated interactive discussion
group much like this Forum.

To clearly convey your ideas to other Traveling Exhibit
Committee members the ability to develop concept drawings, 
graphics, and other related documents in common digital
format (i.e., DWG, DXF, JPG, TIF, PNG, BMP, DOC, XLS) is
preferred.  Individual IDA membership is encouraged but 
not required.  Thanks very much and I hope to hear from 
you soon!

Best regards,

Cliff Haas
Chair IDA Traveling Exhibit Committee

IDA strives to preserve our natural heritage of dark 
night skies through advancement of awareness and education
through the application of well shielded energy efficient 
outdoor lighting.

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