Re: (IAAC) NGC 7331 CCD Observation

Hi steve, 
 These are nice pictures are all the galaxies highlighted a part of a single local group. if so is it common for all galaxies in a local group to be orientated in the same general way IE are all these galaxies "near edge on galaxies". I was pondering the idea after looking at your picture weather galaxy groups have there own equatorial plane as it were.

thanks barry   

> >Original Attempt to Post Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001 23:29:34 -0500
> On 11/21/01 in the Washington D.C. suburb of Rockville Maryland, we had a 
> very clear evening with good seeing and not much turbulence.  I took a CCD 
> image of NGC 7331.  The image may be found at:
> <a href="/bti/redirect.html?http://www.highenergyastro.homestead.com." target="newLink">http://www.highenergyastro.homestead.com.</a>  Click on the thumbnail of M1 in 
> the upper right corner of the page.  You will then be presented with a 
> table.  Click the NGC 7331 entry in the table to view the image.
> I have heard descriptions of NGC 7331 being a near edge on galaxy.  It seems 
> to me that the term "near" must be a relative term, since much of the spiral 
> structure is visible in my image.
> I included a cut from RealSky of the eame area of sky for your comparison.
> I imaged the field for over 1 hour to produce the image.
> Clear Skies,
> Steve Robinson
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