(IAAC) [WebbSoc] SuperNova in Virgo (UGC 9299)

Forwarded from AAVSO (via the Webb Society members-only email list).
This rather low surface brightness galaxy is in a nondescript region
in the Eastern part of the Maiden, between Phi and 109 Virginis.

Clear skies in the pre-dawn hours, and happy hunting for this one!

Lew Gramer

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	SuperNova in Virgo (UGC 9299) 
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Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 10:20:20 +1100
From: Rob Carver <carverr@newsltd.com.au>
Subject: SuperNova in Virgo (UGC 9299) 

Hello All,

There's a new Supernova in Virgo, though faint. This is from the AAVSO...

1424+00  SUPERNOVA 2002ao IN UGC 9299 (VIRGO)

We have been informed by the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
(IAU Circular 7809) that P. Martin and W. D. Li, University of California
at Berkeley, reported the discovery of an apparent supernova by LOTOSS (the
joint Lick Observatory and Tenagra Observatory Supernova Searches)at CCD
magnitude about 14.3 on an unfiltered CCD image taken on JAN 25.5 UT.

The supernova was confirmed by Y. L. Qiu, Beijing Astronomical Observatory
(BAO), at magnitude 14.7 on an image taken on JAN 26.9 UT.

SN 2002ao is located about 16" east and 10" north of the diffuse nucleus of
UGC 9299, at the following coordinates:

   R.A. = 14h 29m 35.74s     Decl. = -00 degrees 00' 55.8"   (2000.0)

.... there's a chart at

	Regards, Rob C

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