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Well I have seen it split in a 60mm spotting scope with 27X magnification but I doubt whether 10X will be enough even if you have the binoculars mounted and stable, but your mail does say that you were trying to Identify the star, this is strange as Albireo is an easy Naked Eye object, so in Binoculars it should be no trouble at all, if you have access to a PC planetarium program such as Skymap (you can get a free demo from www.skymap.com ) you should be able to print out a chart of the region showing stars down to mag 8 which will help you find the star in the binoculars a little easier. Hope this is of some use to you.
Kim Gowney.
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Dear Sirs,

I am wondering if I would be able to capture the double star, Albireo, =
with my binoculars (10x50).

I spent all night trying to identify it with my bino, but ...

Your reply will be greatly appreciated.


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