Re: (IAAC) Obj: HICKSON 40 ARP321 PGC27509 - Inst: 40Cm(16")Dob

Interestingly the AL has done just this by publishing its book on Observing 
Galaxy Groups and Clusters which contains Megastar Charts and DSS images 
for not just the Hickson groups but also some other groups of galaxies and 
Abell clusters.

At 22:03 17/05/2002 -0700, you wrote:
>I am very interested the observations of Hickson compact groups of galaxies.
>Back in 1994 when Atlas of Compact Groups of Galaxies was published, I 
>bargain to make an addendum.
>Using Megastar and the DSS, I made finder charts along with an image of 
>the same field of view of all one hundred Hick object groups using the DDS 
>and Magastar. I had in mind to publish this addendum for use by amateur 
>astronomers. However, with the advancement of computers and astronomy 
>software, I find this work of little use to avid Internet users.
>They can find and print out their own charts and download any of the 
>Hickson groups them selves.
>Nevertheless, my deep interest in observing galaxies and promoting them 
>remains the same.
>Anyone, who would care to discuss the Hickson groups or Arp groups please 
>feel free to contact me off list.
>My e-mail address is: galaxies@lanset.com
>Clear Skies,
>Toney Burkhart
>Apache User wrote:
> > HICKSON 40 This is my first Hickson galaxy group.
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