RE: (IAAC) Your deep sky projects

Patrick, I have been intrigued by your sketching technique
ever since you showed me some of the results (and I over-
heard some of the process during the nights) at WSP. Can
you elaborate a little bit for IAAC readers, on what your
detailing and sketching process is? Clear skies!

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>I have a personal deep-sky project. I am attempting to observe 1000
>galaxies. By "observe", I mean studying the galaxy at the eyepiece to
>squeeze as much visual information as I can out of it and then make a
>sketch - as detailed as possible. Obviously, in the majority 
>of cases, this
>will still just be a little smudge on the paper! I am using a 
>12"  Newtonian
>on a Dobsonian mount.
>If you want any more info, please feel free to email me.
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>Subject: (IAAC) Your deep sky projects
>> I am developing a talk for an astronomy meeting on deep sky-related
>> by amateurs. I am interested in collecting information on 
>what projects
>> are doing. It can include:
>> *Observing projects (telescope aperture info needed)
>> *Imaging projects ( "       "       ")
>> *"Mining" resources on the web
>> The more unusual, the better! You can respond to me directly 
>or to the
>> since I am sure others would be interested.
>> For example, I used to be active in using a darkroom to correct the
>> inclination of spiral galaxies to make them look face-on. 
>This project was
>> done in the early 1980's but I have not tried to do it with 
>computers -
>> way to go today. I have an album with over a dozen 
>"corrected" galaxies
>> record being NGC7640 inclined 89 degrees, but as an open-arm 
>barred spiral
>> is possible).
>> Thanks in advance for your input!
>> Alan Goldstein
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