(IAAC) PLEASE READ: Possible 'glitches' in websites/lists this week...

NOTE: None of the following affects the NSAAC Web site!

As some of you will be aware now, our old home machines
'alpha.atmob.org' and 'alpha.nsaac.org' will be decommis-
sioned very soon. We have prepared a new home for all of
our mailing lists and Websites, though: galaxy.atmob.org.

Galaxy is now almost ready to bear this load, and so we
will be switching the various domain names to point to
the new host over the next few days... If this doesn't
mean anything to you, don't worry! Just be aware that we
may encounter some "hiccups" in service both to the Web
sites and to the email lists, until the switch is done.

Please be patient: we're moving to a bigger, faster and
more stable environment on which to enjoy and share our
love of astronomy. It will be worth the inconvenience...

Clear skies!

Lew Gramer, IMO, NAMN, Webb Society, NDSOS, ATMoB, NSAAC, FKAC
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Webmaster: http://www.visualdeepsky.org
Assistant: http://www.namnmeteors.org

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