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Clear skies!
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>	SuperNova in Grus (NGC 7400)
>	By carverr@newsltd.com.au
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>Subject: SuperNova in Grus (NGC 7400)
>Hello all you southerners,
>There is a SuperNova (SN 2002GE)  in NGC 7400 which is in 
>Grus. So for those
>with larger apertures and the declination (inclination ?!), 
>this is from the
>2248-45 SN 2002GE in NGC 7400
>We have been informed by the Central Bureau for Astronomical 
>Circular 7987) that an apparent supernova in NGC 7400 has 
>beendiscovered by
>R. Chassagne of Ile de Reunion. The 14.1 magnitude object appears on an
>unfiltered CCD frame taken on OCT 7.90 UT.
>The following position has been reported:
> R.A. = 22h 54m 21s.49 Decl. = -45o 20' 26".9 (2000) which is 
>4".0 east and
>22".6 north of the center of NGC 7400.
>After months of near cloudless sky, we've got rain today.... 
>Have fun,
>	   Rob 

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