Re: (IAAC) IAAC now accessible via 'logs@visualdeepsky.org' and 'chat@visualdeepsky.org'!

Hi Lew

I am glad I just received your update on the IAAC.  I should have
written to you last week about this to see if you heard or saw anything
like what I saw last Thursday evening here in Rhode Island.  I have
written to all the Frosty Drew crew without out much reply and I also
tried to start a message thread on saa. but it seems they are involved
in a lot of Off Topic stuff right now and my message went by pretty much

Last Thursday evening I was outside talking with a couple of friends of
mine  at about 8:10 PM when there was a bright flash similar to
lighting. It was so bright that the ground around us lit up.  This in
its self was amazing because we were standing in a brightly lit parking

I was lucky enough to be facing in the right direction when the flash
caught our attention and I was able to look up to the sky to see what
looked to be a large blue green meteor breaking in two streaking across
the sky.  The approximate size of the meteor would have been a little
smaller than the size of your thumb nail held at arms length.  What was
truly amazing was that up here in Southern New England we were
completely covered by a 100% cloud cover.  I am not sure the direction
this object was traveling because I was in a section of town I seldom go
to and was not sure of my orientation to the sky. My guess would be it
was traveling from the North to the East. 

I was wondering if you heard anything about this meteor or piece of
space junk. 

Thank you,

Barry Martasian


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