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Just a quick note, folks. I actually run TWO email lists:
one (this one) is all about deep-sky observing - galaxies,
star clusters, and the like... And I run ANOTHER email list
called 'meteorobs', all about - you guessed it - meteors! :)

Whenever our IAAC readers observe a very bright meteor (they
are called "fireballs" if they are brighter than Jupiter), I
want to encourage you to report what you saw on line, at:

And remember that a very bright fireball may VERY OCCASIONALLY
be seen over a wider region - but normally any one such event
is localized to a few US States, or one Canadian Province...

One last note: Remember that many (most?) IAAC readers are
here to discuss one particular topic - the Deep-Sky. So when
possible, be courteous to them and try to stay on our topic.

Thanks again to all of you for your continued participation!

Clear skies,

Lew Gramer, IMO, NAMN, Webb Society, NDSOS, ATMoB, NSAAC
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>This may or may not be related to the events you describe, but Friday
>evening (Oct 11, 2002) as me and my family were driving up to Halfway,
>Missouri we (my wife and I) saw an extremely brillaint green 
>streak falling
>down from the sky dropping apparently very close to the ground before
>disintegrating. We were heading WNW with the meteor being 
>visible in the
>same direction.  Shortly (~10 minutes) after that event we saw 
>another very
>bright meteor, appearing orange, falling due west also breaking up into
>visibly smaller fragments. The time was ~8:30-8:45 pm CDT. 
>Both meteors were
>very bright and would have been seen with the worst of light pollution.
>We still have a month to go before the Leonid max. approaches...
>Charles Rose
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>> Barry,
>> This is likely just an interesting coincidence, but an actual meteor
>> was apparently witnessed at the Okie-Tex Star Party --- 3 or 
>4 days before
>> your event.  A couple of largish chunks traveling together?  
>See message
>> 1025 on the AAAAstronomy yahoogroup.
>> Don Clouse
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>> and'chat@visualdeepsky.org'!
>> Hi Lew
>> I am glad I just received your update on the IAAC.  I should have
>> written to you last week about this to see if you heard or 
>saw anything
>> like what I saw last Thursday evening here in Rhode Island.  I have
>> written to all the Frosty Drew crew without out much reply and I also
>> tried to start a message thread on saa. but it seems they 
>are involved
>> in a lot of Off Topic stuff right now and my message went by 
>pretty much
>> unnoticed.
>> Last Thursday evening I was outside talking with a couple of 
>friends of
>> mine  at about 8:10 PM when there was a bright flash similar to
>> lighting. It was so bright that the ground around us lit up.  This in
>> its self was amazing because we were standing in a brightly 
>lit parking
>> lot.
>> I was lucky enough to be facing in the right direction when the flash
>> caught our attention and I was able to look up to the sky to see what
>> looked to be a large blue green meteor breaking in two 
>streaking across
>> the sky.  The approximate size of the meteor would have been a little
>> smaller than the size of your thumb nail held at arms 
>length.  What was
>> truly amazing was that up here in Southern New England we were
>> completely covered by a 100% cloud cover.  I am not sure the 
>> this object was traveling because I was in a section of town 
>I seldom go
>> to and was not sure of my orientation to the sky. My guess 
>would be it
>> was traveling from the North to the East.
>> I was wondering if you heard anything about this meteor or piece of
>> space junk.
>> Thank you,
>> Barry Martasian
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