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I lean more toward deep-sky observing, and I got this chart for convenience' sake because I wanted to get out observing more often, which means observing nearer-sky things, with the moon up and from less-attractive venues. The value of the book for me is ease of use -- I don't have to plot interesting binaries by RA/Dec in advance; I just throw the book in my chart bag, grab the small scope and I'm off for an hour or two. 

Obviously, there's a lot more to see using Binaries lists like the Astronomical League's, but there's some prep work involved there that I'm more likely to expend charting other types of objects. So I'd say this chart is a good deal for people who can't or won't put in the time translating lists into charts, for whatever reason. 

The other advantage is the fairly robust information on each multiple, e.g. distance, mag, separation, color, etc. I think it's a twenty dollar bill well spent.


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> This is forwarded from a local astronomy-club email list... I
> thought it might be of interest to multiple-star enthusiasts.
> Mike, how useful have you found these charts? How do you think
> you would rate this book for deep-sky observers in particular?
> BTW, also note that the Webb Society has a new publication on
> this subject as well, which I have not gotten to see yet:
>  http://www.webbsociety.freeserve.co.uk/wperiodical/DoubleStarsVisualAtlas.html
> Clear skies,
> Lew Gramer
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> Last Friday night at VMP there was some interest in a new double star chart I
> was using. This chart is formatted like the flip-book telrad charts for Messiers
> and the "Overlooked Objects" telrad charts, and in fact is from the same folks.
> There are a few obvious entries like Alberio and the double double, but by and
> large it's a useful thing to have, and worth the $19.95. I'll bring it to the
> business meeting if anyone wants to take a look.
> I got it from Anacortes; the URL is
> http://www.buytelescopes.com/product.asp?t=&pid=4958&m=
> Their 800 number is (800) 850-2001
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