Re: Sketching Method: (was (IAAC) Your deep sky projects)


Thanks for sharing your sketching techniques. I've been sketching deep-sky objects for several years and have found that it is difficult to accurately record detail in small objects (most galaxies!  :-)  ) drawn at their actual size in the field of view. I've also been in the habit of handling the shading and blending at the scope, which is pretty tricky under dim lighting.

Your idea about letting the object drift through the field of view is wonderful. It never occurred to me to try this, and I'm eager to give it a shot. The idea of outlining details and making drawings of individual details for a later final drawing also sounds very promising.

Would you be willing to answer a few questions. First, how long do you spend on each drawing at the telescope. Secondly, what size circles do you use?

I have found myself preferring larger circles. I've been using 4-inch circles recently and am planning to try 8-inch circles. For one thing, it is easier to plot stars accurately in a larger circle -- slight positioning problems become less critical as the size of the circle increases.

Fiske Miles
Kansas City