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	Update for SN 2003B 
	By carverr@newsltd.com.au


Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 09:54:44 +1100 
From: "Carver, Rob" <carverr@newsltd.com.au>
Subject: Update for SN 2003B 

The Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (IAU Circular 8043) has issued
revised coordinates for SN 2003B near NGC 1097. The updated position of the
supernova is as follows:

       R.A. (2000) = 2h46m13s.78     Decl.(2000) = -30o13'45".1,

or 68" west and 163" north of the center of NGC 1097.

Here's a pic by Bruce Gary...




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