Re: (IAAC) Burnham's Stars


I've noticed a problem with some doublestar listings in the software I use -- StarMap Pro 8.0. What seems to be going on is that the software assumes the star name (whatever catalog designator is used to identify the object) is unique. If more than one record in the database has the same name (the same value in the name field) I only see the information for the first item. This is particularly noticeable for multiple stars with more than 2 components -- the C, D, etc. elements simply show the same values as the A, B pair.

The problem can manifest itself in different ways, though.

Anyway, one possible explanation for the problem you have found is that you're only seeing the companion star spectrum due to issues with the stellar database used by your program.

Kansas City

PS: Another thing I've noticed is that when I select the option to hide Hubble Guide Stars for non-stellar objects (like galaxies!), they don't all turn off. In other words, some galaxies are still displayed with an HGS superimposed on them. Another database flake.
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