(IAAC) Globular 100 [observing list]

[Originally posted: Wed, 26 Aug 1998]
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This past weekend I experienced the best skies I've seen in the past
year in Georgia. The event was the Atlanta Astronomy Club's ad hoc
star party near the top of Brasstown Bald, the highest mountain in
Georgia (~3500 feet - Hey! This is Georgia after all  <grin>).

While there, I was asked several times what I was working on for the
evening. Other than reobserving the interesting bipolar
proto-planetary nebula Minkowski 1-92, my program consisted entirely
of the "Globular 100."

I received the Globular 100 list several years ago and had only paid
moderate attention to it, being more interested in finishing the
Herschel list. The Globular 100 is, as obvious, a list of 100 globular
clusters. Of the listed globular clusters, some are Messier objects
and some are Herschel objects, with the remainder not being
represented in either list.

I was asked to make the list available on the Atlanta Area
Astronomer's Listserver, so here it is: Contact me by email, and I'll
send you the file as an attachement.

Clear Skies!

Art Russell
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