(IAAC) Fwd: Mag 14 supernova in NGC 936 (Cetus)

Chalk up another visual Supernova find for the incredible
Reverend Bob Evans of Australia! The Rev is an inspiration
to us CCD- and GOTO-less curmudgeons around the globe. :)

Clear skies,
Lew Gramer

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	SuperNova in NGC 936 (Cetus)
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Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2003 10:11:32 +1000
From: "Carver, Rob" <carverr@newsltd.com.au>
Subject: SuperNova in NGC 936 (Cetus)

Hello everyone,

There's a new SuperNova in NGC 936. It's a bright, 10th magnitude barred
lenticular type galaxy in Cetus. This is from the AAVSO....

0222-01B SN 2003GS in NGC 936

We have been informed by the Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams (IAU
Circular 8171) of a visual discovery of a supernova (mag 14.0)  by Robert
Evans, Hazelbrook, N.S.W., Australia, on July 29.75 UT with a 0.31-m
reflector.  He also reported the supernova to be at visual magnitude 13.8 on
July 30.75 UT.

Evans noted the new object to be about 20" southeast of the nucleus of NGC
936 (R.A. = 02h27m.6, Decl. = -01 09', equinox 2000.0).

H. Yamaoka, Kyushu University reported the following precise position for
the supernova from unfiltered CCD image taken on July 30.767 by T. Dobosz,
Sydney, N.S.W.:

    R.A. = 02h27m38s.36, Decl. = -01 09' 35", equinox 2000.0

N. Suntzeff, Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory (CTIO) reported that a
spectrum taken at CTIO indicated that the "spectrum is peculiar and is
roughly consistent with a type-Ia supernova (IAUC 8171)

here's a comparison chart....


Have fun,

    Rob C


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