Re: (IAAC) NGC2313 a Dark Nebula??

I've not observed NGC 2313 before.  This is how MegaStar5 lists it:

Bright Nebula   *
RA: 06h 58m 02.8s
Dec: -07 56' 37"
Mag: 13.7 (V)
Size: 0.7'x0.4'
Class: bipolar II
Source: Riddle

Yes, the NGC/IC listing does seem to be in error.

I wonder if anyone has observed this object?  It is not listed in the Night
Sky Observer's Guide nor in Uranometria 2000.0 - or the IAAC!  Yet the
listed magnitude of 13.7v should be well within the capabilities of a
"bigdob" - unless the surface bright is extremely low, but from the DSS
image that doesn't seem to be the case plus it's rather small and therefore
concentrated - as nebulae go.  Seems doable(?).

The chance to try for it is coming this winter - it's located in south
central Monoceros.

so many observing projects, so little observing time!

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>Checking again I see that SAC has it as Bright Neb as well, Dark, Bright,
>Methinks the NGC/IC is in error on this one.
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>Something I like to do is collect images of the NGC list, I do this via the
>DSS and then "enhance" the images in photoshop so that they have a dark
>background and blue-white stars, so that to a certain extent is replicates
>the view in the eyepiece.
>It was while performing this part of the hobby that I came across NGC2313,
>which is listed in the new NGC/IC catalogue as a dark nebulae, yet the
>clearly shows something that is distinctly bright and nebulous, checking
>through the observations of Steve Gottlieb that he made for the NGC/IC
>project I see the object is not listed, as such I have no Idea what the
>magnitude of the bright "thing" is, or even what it is, and also where is
>the dark neb? on the DSS image there was no area that looked any darker
>any other.
>This is a link to a colourized version of the DSS image, no other
>adjuatments ahve been made.
>Saguaro Astronomy clubs list has it as a difuse nebula.
>Anyone had a look at this before?
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