RE: (IAAC) NGC2313 a Dark Nebula??

I got the following from the NGC/IC Project page, under the "Public Database".
As you can see, in this location this object is classified as a "Bright Nebula".


Contemporary/Current Data for  NGC 2313 
Contemporary/Current Data for this object was hand collected and entered from
the data sources
listed in the "Data Sources Used" section of this table.  - Robert E. Erdmann,
Right Ascension (J2000): 06h, 58m, 02.8s 
Declination (J2000): -07, 56', 42" 
Constellation: Monoceros 
Object Type: Bright nebula 
Object Classification: -------------- 
Photo Magnitude: ------ 
Visual Magnitude: ------ 
Surface Brightness: ---- 
Object Size: 0.5'X0.3' 
Position Angle: ----- 
Catalog Notes: Diffuse nebula + star 
Also Cataloged As: GC 1475, LDN 1653 
Luginbuhl & Skiff: --- 
Burnham's: ------ 

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Something I like to do is collect images of the NGC list, I do this via the
DSS and then "enhance" the images in photoshop so that they have a dark
background and blue-white stars, so that to a certain extent is replicates
the view in the eyepiece.

It was while performing this part of the hobby that I came across NGC2313,
which is listed in the new NGC/IC catalogue as a dark nebulae, yet the image
clearly shows something that is distinctly bright and nebulous, checking
through the observations of Steve Gottlieb that he made for the NGC/IC
project I see the object is not listed, as such I have no Idea what the
magnitude of the bright "thing" is, or even what it is, and also where is
the dark neb? on the DSS image there was no area that looked any darker than
any other.

This is a link to a colourized version of the DSS image, no other
adjuatments ahve been made.


Saguaro Astronomy clubs list has it as a difuse nebula.

Anyone had a look at this before?

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