(IAAC) Fwd: (WebbSoc) Bright SuperNova in Fornax (NGC 1201)

At -26 Decl, this one will even be within the reach of some above-
the-equator visual observers, if they have good Southern horizons.

Clear skies,

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	Bright SuperNova in Fornax (NGC 1201)
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Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2003 09:36:35 +1000
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Subject: Bright SuperNova in Fornax (NGC 1201)

Hey Everyone,
There's a mag 13 SuperNova in NGC 1201 (Fornax). Now, what was I saying
about SN discoveries and the full moon? Anyway, for all you southerners,
this is from the AAVSO...
Subject: 0259-26  SUPERNOVA 2003hv IN NGC 1201 (FORNAX)
We have been informed by IAU CBAT (IAU Circular 8197) of the discovery of a
bright apparent supernova in NGC 1201 by the LOTOSS supernova search project
at CCD magnitude 12.5 on a KAIT image taken September 9.5 UT. An earlier
KAIT image taken Sep. 1.5 confirmed the object at about magnitude 13.0; an
image from January 28.2 showed nothing at the position down to about
magnitude 18.0.
The position of the object, located 17.2" east and 56.7" south of the
nucleus of NGC 1201, is given as:
R.A. = 03h04m09.32s, Decl. = -26o05'07.5" (equinox 2000.0).
There'll be a finder / comparison chart at...


but it's not quite ready yet.
Rob C 


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