RE: (IAAC) Obj: NGC6520 - Inst: 18" f/4.5 DobNewt

Andrew Cooper WROTE;
Object(s): NGC6520
Nice cluster, rich, fully resolved, a ring within a ring with a bright star at
the center. B86 visible to the NE of the cluster in the same field for a very
nice contrast in a thick Milky Way starfield. 

Andrew and all;

There is a nearly hidden treasure very nearby NGC6520 & B86 which not too many
people have seen, because they didn't know to look. 

Start from the middle of NGC6520 and extend a line through the middle of B86,
and then continue to extend that line for twice that distance, you will find
yourself near the middle of a little Hercules-like keystone of stars, one of
which is a nice wide double. Right smack in the middle of that trapezium you
should see a little fuzzy guy, which is Djorgovski 2 = E456-SC38, a
heavily-reddened globular cluster which was not discovered (actually
reclassified)until 1987. Not resolvable, but an obscure fuzzy nonetheless.

\Paul Alsing
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