(IAAC) Call for observations: NGC 7354 in Cepheus

This was originally posted to the excellent Yahoo group
"Planetary_Nebulae". Andrew is quite right - there are
no observations of this biggish, brightish PN in IAAC!

All, please have a look in your observing logs, and see
if you have anything on NGC 7354 you can share with us?

Reposted here without explicit permission of the author.

Clear skies!
Lew Gramer

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Hello fellow PNe observers,

I am presently writing a short article on some southern PNe's
and I was looking for some suitable northern comparisons.
I was surprised to find NGC 7354, but I could find little else
about this object in the literature or on-line to solve the
differences. Ie. No observations in the IAAC

Although I have not actually seen this PNe - it does lie
below my local horizon - and unfortuneately I did have it on
my observation list when I was in Devon, England in
1997-98 but never viewed it.

I was reading Jim Anderson's descriptions (from an earlier
post #1174 in this Group) of the Cepheus PNe,
NGC 7354, using 30cm.;

NGC7354; 12.9v PNe in Cepheus
138X-NGC7354 a Planetary Nebula is a tiny Gray-Green
disk with sharply defined edge, no detectable annularity,
no central star. The PNe blinks strongly with the O-III

[ http://www.skyhound.com/sh/archive/sep/NGC_7354.html ]

Another two through a 20cm clearly show or describe a
ring structure;

Michael Büchner's NGC 7354 drawing ;


Object: Planetary nebula NGC 7354 Constell: CEP
RA: 22h 40.37m Decl: +61° 16.7' Epoch: 2000
Mag: 12.2m (v) Size: 20'' Type: 4(3b)

Observer: Jere Kahanpää
Obs. place: Jyväskylä, Finland
Date/Time: 17./18.9.1993, 02.05

Telescope: N 205/1000
Magn: 133x Filter:
Field: 22' NE Lim.mag: 5.5m
Background sky: 2-3 Seeing: 2
Weather: Good, no Moon.

Brightness: 4 Alt: 70°
Description: A small (20'') and quite faint (12.5m) but still
easy ring. Round. Greyish. No central star. Two mag. 12 stars
3' NW. In a poor field.

Furthermore difference are found in the CCD Images @:
1) http://www.astrophotos.net/pages/PLANETARY/ngc%207354.htm


2) http://rao.150m.com/NGC7354.html
(or magnified at; http://rao.150m.com/NGC7354LRG.html)


3) http://www.starlightccd.com/walter/picturebook/ngc/7354a.htm

(Note: The band structures between these three images is
strikingly different!)


1) Jim states he sees no annularity in 30cm

2) Burnham's claims that the central star is visible (See
Burnham's Vol 1.) [NGC says otherwise]- but I have never
seen this stated by any amateur.

3) Is there a central hole or dark band cutting across the disk?

Does anyone have any observations of this PNe that they would
like to share and advise for a poor fledgling southern observer?

Andrew James

NOTE: The HST images can be obtained at
Under the Option "HST Images"

A colour HST image version (interestingly without any hint
of a ring) appears at;


NAME: NGC 7354 / PK 107+2.1 / PNG 107.8+2.3
R.A.: 23h 40m 20.1c
Dec.: +61 17 06
Mag.: 12.9p
Size: 36"
Class: 4+3b
C* 16.2
The planetary NGC 7354 lies some 4.8 degrees NE
of the deep orangey-red 3.4 magnitude star Zeta Cephei.
Few bright stars appear in the field..

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