(IAAC) Herald-Bobroff AstroAtlas

Mike Deneen writes:
> The Herald-Bobroff atlas is apparently back in print:
>   http://www.heraldbobroff.com/
> Does anyone have one of these, and do you recommend it
> (re: layout, usability, sturdy construction &c &c)?
> A mag 15 atlas would promote a lot of wishful thinking.

I use it as my primary atlas - it as absolutely excellent,
IMHO: much better format than Uranometria, much deeper/more
detailed than SkyAtlas, and MUUUCH cheaper than Millenium.

And I have left it out many a dewy New England night (and
a few sandy, salty Florida Keys nights too) without damage.

Some people don't like all the little tic-marks and symbol-
ogy telling you about the objects in the atlas - Sue French
calls it the "Secret Decoder Ring" Atlas. ;->

But I find all those star spectral types ( = colors!), PN
halo sizes and central star magnitude ranges, galaxy morph-
ologies, emission/reflection and red-blue color indicators
on nebulae, etc. INVALUABLE while actually at the eyepiece.

I just wish they'd update it to include more of "today's"
amateur observing targets - Abell galaxy clusters, Abell
planetary nebula designators, etc. My own copy has gotten
encrusted with years' worth of my own amateur cartography.

Just my $0.02,

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