Re: (IAAC) Fwd: Project to fight light pollution

"Lewis J. Gramer" wrote:
> An interestion naked-eye/binocular observing project!


> This project is undertaken to assist International Dark-Sky Association.
> IDA, in turn, is cooperating with the Environmental Protection Agency in
> Japan to determine the extent of light pollution around the world.

I'm a long-time observer who's seen the ravages of light
pollution grow enormously over the years. As one who's tried
to heighten awareness of the problem through public
education *and* to encourage folks to get involved with the
political/legislative process, I'd also suggest that we need
to take practical steps in our communities to address the
causes of lp and to find soultions before we lose the night
sky for good. 

Anyway, check out my lp page:


and the links there, especially the webpage of SELENE, the
sensible lighting organization doing good things here in New
York State:


Darker skies,

John McMahon
Tully, NY
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