(IAAC) Fwd: Variable Star Observing Lecture Notes

New England amateur astronomer John Blackwell has a very
concise, informative slide presentation on variable star
observing on his Website, for the world to enjoy. Although
IAAC is not specifically focused on the official recording
and reporting of variable star observations, variables are
certainly among our many observing targets! And some of the
skills required by AAVSO and similar groups are also handy
tools for any visual deep-sky observer to have - like star-
hopping, estimating magnitudes, and organized log-keeping.

Clear skies and happy International Astronomy Day!

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> From: John A. Blackwell
> To: nhas...
> Subject: [NHAS] Variable Star Observing Lecture Notes
> I have placed my lecture slides online for you for the
> Variable Star Observing class given last night at society
> observatory. This is in PowerPoint for web format. If you
> would like them sent to you as a PPT presentation, I can email
> to you directly. Just let me know.
> http://www.regulusastro.com/regulus/feature/index.html
> Enjoy,
> ~johnb
> --------------------------------------------------
> John A. Blackwell - W1JAB
> Northwood Ridge Observatory (MPC#225)
> http://www.regulusastro.com
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