(IAAC) IAAC Submission

Observer                 : Rich Wells
Your skills              : Beginner
Date & UT of observation : 07th June, 1996, 02:27Z
Location                 : RTP, North Carolina, USA
Site classification      : Suburbs
Limiting mag(visual)     : 3.5
Seeing(from 1 to 5)      : 4
Moon up/phase            : None
Instrument               : 4" f/5.4 APO refractor
Magnification            : 15x 60x 120x
Filters used             : None
Object                   : M92(NGC 6341)
Category                 : Globular cluster
Constellation            : Hercules(Her)
Obect diameter           : 6'
RA/DE                    : 17h 17.1m  +43d 08m

Description : At 15x M92 was a magnificent sight! Very well defined
              and large against the medium blue sky background.
              At 60x the background was noticably darker which helped
              to bring out better definition. The overall shape
              appeared triangular with slight resolution of outter
              stars. A nice field with 3 nearly identical magnitude
              stars forming a line starting east and heading northeast.
              At 120x M92 took on a pear shape with the bottom towards
              the east. Background is near black and many close member
              stars surrounding the cluster. The core is fairly bright
              with the outer cloud approximately twice it's diameter.