(IAAC) IC4665 (OC in Oph) with 7x50

	From: bgrems@daheim.ping.at (Bernhard Rems)
	To: netastrocatalog@atmob.org
	Subject: (IAAC) IC4665 (OC in Oph) with 7x50
	Automated submission by CAOS/2
	Observer: Bernhard Rems
	Your skills: Beginner
	Date and UT of Observation: 1996-07-04, 21:05 UT
	Location: Wien 48o13'  North
	Site classification: City
	Limiting magnitude: 4.5
	Seeing: 2 - good
	Moon up: no
	Instrument: Tento - 7x50
	Magnification: 7x
	Filters used:
	Object: M5
	Category: Globular cluster
	Constellation: Ser
	Data: Diam.: 17.4' Mag.: 5.8 mag
	RA/DE: 15h18m   02o05'
	Description: M5 isn't easy to see in binoculars of that size when you
	live in a light polluted city. Its nothing more than a hazy patch of
	light, very small and nearly starlike. What a difference when you see it
	from a rural site!
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