(IAAC) Obj: n3242 (Ghost of Jupiter) - Inst: 10x50 binoculars

Observer: Lew Gramer
Your skills: Intermediate
Date and UT of Observation: 1997-12-16/17, 12:15 UT
Location: Whidbey Island, MA, USA (48N)
Site classification: rural
Limiting magnitude: 7.1
Seeing: 2 - good
Moon up: no
Instrument: 10x50 Tasco binoculars
Magnification: 10x
Filters used: None
Object: n3242 (Ghost of Jupiter)
Category: Planetary nebula (PK261+32.1)
Constellation: Hya
Data: mag 8.6  size 16" (halo 20')
RA/DE: 10h24m  -18o38'
Glimpsed first as a slightly extended star or "dot".
Averted vision may have then detected the halo which
gives this planetary its poetic name. Easily found
from the stars of Crater and then nearby Mu Hydrae.

Karen Simmons & Lew Gramer dedalus@alum.mit.edu http://www.tiac.net/users/lewkaren