(IAAC) OBJECT: M47 (open cluster) INST: 16" f/4.59 f.l. 1865 NEWT.

Observer:  Todd Gross
Your skill:  Intermediate 
Date and UT of observation: 12/16/97 08:10GMT
Location & latitude: 22 miles west of Boston, Ma. 42.3N
Site classification: Suburban
Limiting magnitude (visual): 4 (estimated) 4 (est) in vicinity of object
Seeing (1 to 10 - worst-best):  3-4
Moon up (phase?): Yes, 85%
Weather: Clear
Instrument: 16" Newtonian-dob w. 96/99% coatings f/4.59   f.l. 1865
Magnifications: 69x (27 Panoptic)
Filters used: none
Object: M47
Constellation: Puppis
Object data: Open cluster
Size(s): About 40 arc min. 
Position: RA 7:36  DEC  -14:29
Magnitudes: approx. 4.5
Personal "rating" (at this aperture, and sky condition):  C+/B-

Some similarity to M48, but not as rich, certainly less rich than M46
nearby. Observation under nearly full moon. 

Mixture of bright and dim stars, fairly loosely knit, taking up about
2/3 of the field of the 27mm Panoptic. Like M48 there is an asterism
near the center, but it was not made up of as bright stars, not was
the asterism as notable. However, about 16 members roughly made
a figure 6.