(IAAC) Obj: NGC 5982 (HII-764), NGC 5985 (HII-766) - Inst: 8" f/6 newtonian

Observer: Sue French
Your skill: Advanced (many years)
Date and time of observation: 6-29-89, 11:56 pm edt
Location: Upstate NY USA (Lat 42N)
Site classification: Rural
Transparency: Very good
Seeing: Poor
Moon: None
Instrument: 8" f/6 newtonian
Magnification: 38x
Filters used: None.
Object: NGC 5982 (HII-764), NGC 5985 (HII-766)
Category: External galaxy.
Classification: E3P, SAB(r)b I
Constellation: Dra
Object data: Mag 11.13, 11.10; size 2.5x2.0, 5.5x3.0; PA 110o, 13o
Position: 153840 +592122, 153938 +591957
Sue French's Herschel 400 Observing Logs...
Small, round, faint galaxy with stellar nucleus. Larger
oval, lower surface brightness NGC 5985 close to east.
Ed. Note: See the fine write-up of this group in S&T,
as well as other amateur observers' logs of the group:
IAAC logs of faint nearby NGC 5981 are still needed!

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